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Is Qualica an international company?

We offer services throughout South Africa, Africa, South America and Europe. Our Qualica head office is based in Johannesburg.

How big is Qualica?

We are a medium-sized company with approximately 40 highly skilled staff members.

Does Qualica have a black economic empowerment rating?

As a private company providing highly specialised services, Qualica is a level 4 BEE contributor.

What level of redundancy do Qualica's solutions offer?

We build redundancy into every layer of our application development, to ensure a smooth recovery in case of hardware failure. In addition, Qualica backs up all data securely off-site in the unlikely event of a system-wide failure.

What is Qualica's privacy policy?

Our strict privacy policy ensures that your data is kept safe, secure and never shared with third parties. Only designated support staff members have access to your data.

How secure is my organisation’s data?

All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a secure firewall. These database servers are also protected by access restrictions. Highly confidential data is encrypted.

Does Qualica follow best practices?

We use international standards in service management (ITIL) and a software development life cycle for the development and support of our software products. And, we have built-in, rigorous quality assurance steps to aid our solution development.

Who owns the software developed by Qualica?

Qualica owns the software for which our customers buy licenses. This means that as we invest in, improve and grow our service offerings, our customers benefit. Qualica uses best-of-breed software applications to create value-adding, customised solutions.

What is Qualica's Social Responsibility policy?

We have chosen to support the Starfish Greathearts Charity, which provides support and opportunity to orphaned and vulnerable children throughout South Africa. We also donate annually to the Avril Elizabeth Home for Children and various charities.


Maximum benefits for Financial Service Providers

Services Factory

We provide a secure, rich banking and financial services platform with API’s into current account, savings and investment, consumer loans and mortgage lending capabilities. We enable a digital, mobile first branchless, or branch mobile hybrid solution. Partnering with payment providers, and digital banking fintech companies to extend platform capabilities for our customers. This gives our customers a platform with the ability to be open to services that are both the banks or others.

Our platform is architected using cloud native capabilities, allowing for deployment onto any kubernetes cloud environments like Azure, AWS, Google or private, on-premise solutions. Elastic scaling is provided across any of our micro services. Using openID connect, and oAuth2, we provide and support authorization and identity from any provider.

FlexiFin has been creating opportunities for micro lenders and unsecured credit providers throughout Africa.

As a browser-based micro-lending and credit management software solution, FlexiFin has been tailored specifically to overcome the challenges of developing markets.

It also comes with a long list of benefits:

The Flexifin advantage

The stand-out benefit of our FlexiFin solution is that it’s an extremely versatile platform that enables rapid adoption within an organisation’s systems.

With its highly configurable, integrated Business Process Manager (BPM and Workflow), FlexiFin allows you to create, transform and streamline internal and external processes and tasks. And does so effortlessly across organisational and geographical boundaries.

Another obvious FlexiFin benefit is that it’s an eminently scalable solution. It can adapt for growth within any organisation: from a modest start-up to a highly sophisticated multi-national.


FlexiFin comprises several modules. Having this multi-pronged approach enables new functionality to be incorporated through additional modules in a simple manner. By way of example, a new insurance module was recently built on top of the platform. The module comprised of the following:

  • FlexiLend
  • FlexiSure
  • FlexiMobile
  • FlexiCollect
  • FlexiRules
  • FlexiPerform
  • FlexiECM

Business logic and processes are designed within FlexiFin’s architecture enabling each client's implementation to match their requirements, while ensuring that the core application functionality remains stable and unchanged.

Open architecture

Business Process Management and Workflow accompanied by a responsive web front end delivers a coherent user experience. Moreover, it focuses single-mindedly on the content required to do tasks assigned to the individual or to the team.

This reaps an additional benefit: typical users are not forced to having to learn new skills or knowledge of the wider applications. The software supports integration via restful and SOAP web services.


FlexiFin provides for a multi-lingual user interface. These are driven by language packs which update the application display language, as well as currency and date formats. We fully understand that ease of localisation is a key ingredient for enhancing user experience and usability.


How UEM helped Standard Bank to keep moving forward

Standard Bank online applications are monitored by the UEM application ensuring the Bank understands the experience their customer base is having each time they log on.

Because the UEM application monitors from where the customer sits, it is these response times that are continuously benchmarked against predetermined service level metrics, ensuring technical staff are alerted to possible anomalies before they become issues – just another way the Bank is moving forward.

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