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Qualica’s technical support desk is open from 08h00 to 17h00, Monday to Friday. Specific 24 / 7 support is also available for particular solutions. Call us any time.

ITIL approach to service management

Our support and operate function is based on Service Management from the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). This is an internationally recognised set of concepts and practices for managing and developing all aspects of IT, including IT operations and service improvements. Using ITIL, we deliver support that is predictable and reliable.

Incident management

Incidents are raised in two ways to minimise unplanned down-time for Qualica clients:
  • Proactive monitoring based on comprehensive infrastructure and service
  • Customer reporting to our service delivery team

Robust ticketing system

Client concerns are raised and tracked by a sound ticketing system within our trouble management software. Each report is given a severity rating and root-cause analysis is carried out to resolve all issues, whether they are internal or via a third party.

Mature software development life cycle

Qualica has a tried-and-tested software development lifecycle that enables predictable, on-time, on-budget delivery of new products, application software and enhancements.


For (SaaS) software as a service core banking.

Built on the highly successful FlexiFin platform, capable of processing many millions of financial transactions, FlexiSure from Qualica is the latest software application developed for the insurance industry.

Supporting funeral, life and health insurance, FlexiSure manages originations, underwriting, submissions, receipting, premiums management and claims management in an easy-friendly, cost-effective way.

In fact, FlexiSure provides all tools you could ever need.

So for a sure winner, check out FlexiSure from Qualica.

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Just what Internet Solutions needed: UEM solutions

When IS required accurate, real-time network performance-monitoring statistics across all connectivity media, there was only one option: Qualica’s User Experience Monitoring (UEM).

Since UEM was adopted, metrics of network performance across geographic regions are obtained on a constant basis.

And because UEM evaluates their customers’ online interaction experience, IS now has a constant and accurate picture of the performance of its network and services.

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