Professional Services

The last thing we do once we have developed specialist software for your organisation is to leave you to your own devices. Instead, we’ll introduce you to a team of professionals – each with their own unique skill sets – that will ensure the smoothest, most effortless transition possible.

Using industry specific best practise consulting, our Qualica Implementation and Professional Services team will facilitate, coordinate and manage every aspect of the software and system implementation and configuration. And enable a complete end-to-end review.

They will train your staff. They will consult with you to initialise processes and integrate systems. They will also provide you with product understanding and expertise, business and system analysis, software support, and give you a working knowledge of the system requirements.

They will also assist you in developing software implementation strategies and conduct these programmes. And ensure software validation guidance for your customers.

Even though our consultants are Qualica through and through, they will really be working for you; taking full ownership of your account while working with any internal and external resources that may be needed to address your requirements.

They provide documentation (both publishable to customers and for internal use); open issues reports and communicate across multiple divisions within Qualica to ensure successful implementations.

Moreover, product life-cycle, business analysis, software development life-cycle skills and continuing knowledge of software revision changes will be part and parcel of our Professional Service offering.

When you work with our Implementation and Professional Services team, expect to work with people who are fully committed to helping you achieve your business objectives.

Expect to work with people with knowledge regarding Qualica products, especially the FlexiFin range that is second to none.

Expect to work with people who have a comprehensive understanding of day-to-day business operations and system-driven business advantages.

But, above all, expect people with organisational and planning skills, and attention to detail, who take Professional Services to a new level of professionalism.

System Implementation