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We provide a secure, rich banking and financial services platform with API’s into current account, savings and investment, consumer loans and mortgage lending capabilities. We enable a digital, mobile first branchless, or branch mobile hybrid solution. Partnering with payment providers, and digital banking fintech companies to extend platform capabilities for our customers. This gives our customers a platform with the ability to be open to services that are both the banks or others.

Our platform is architected using cloud native capabilities, allowing for deployment onto any kubernetes cloud environments like Azure, AWS, Google or private, on-premise solutions. Elastic scaling is provided across any of our micro services. Using openID connect, and oAuth2, we provide and support authorization and identity from any provider.

Financial Services

Within our FlexiFin microservices platform, we have developed highly specialised software - such as our best-of-breed FlexiLend Payroll Lending System.

This new generation core loan management solution enables micro lenders, retail, payroll and unsecured credit providers to operate efficiently and profitably throughout Africa by means of a centrally located, online, real-time system.

Our Financial Services applications include:

Loan and credit management

Loan and credit management



Unsecured credit

Unsecured credit

Debtor management systems

Debtor management systems

Insurance Origination and Policy Management

Origination and
Policy Management

If you’re a micro lender or unsecured credit provider, FlexiFin offers your business a wide array of software and systems to better manage your micro loans. Read More >>


For (SaaS) software as a service core banking.

If there is one specialist software application that is redefining how the banking and the finance industries are streamlining and simplifying their lending operations, it’s FlexiLend. As part of our renowned FlexiFin suite of solutions, FlexiLend offers the widest scope of benefits: flexibility, versatility, modularity, to name but a few. All in all, it’s your one-stop-shop lending software solution.


UEM was key to maintaining Momentum

The Momentum IT team are serious about user experience.

That’s why they take full advantage of the UEM application by monitoring their websites on a 24-hour basis. Hotspots identified are prioritised, allowing them to ensure that all runs as smoothly as possible. That way, a mindset of continuous improvement is adhered to.

User Experience Monitoring (UEM)

This is an invaluable tool that sheds light on your customers’ experience of your Internet services and applications.

Simulating your customers’ participation, our UEM system gauges your applications’ performance and provides meaningful statistics on:

User Experience Monitoring (UEM)

Professional Services

System implementation




System implementation, integration, training; expect more professional Professional Services. Our Implementation and Professional Services teams are made up of highly experienced consultants.

And they know exactly what it takes to ensure the best possible outcomes through facilitating, coordinating, and managing every aspect of software and system implementation and configuration. Read More >>